Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Those were the days before email"

Was back at the old empty apartment clearing my stuff that’s been there for like, over a year. Just been too lazy to move them out but now, I gotta do it since meeting the contractor and real estate agent.

Here’s an old stack of letters from long lost friends, relatives, forgotten ex-girlfriends and old colleagues. Ahh … those were the days before email! It’s a strange feeling reading love letters from people who obviously don’t feel the same way they did when they first wrote them. I threw all of them out, keeping only some letters from my relatives. Like I said, you read those old love letters and you can’t wait to get rid of them, not because you feel mad or anything like that. But I just see no point in keeping them and I do have to clear stuff out, so really what’s the point of bringing all back to my apartment?

My old fencing gear and archery stuff are all still there. I’ll be keeping the mask and the arrows (strictly for sentimental reasons) but throwing away the other stuff. Other 'junk' I found, 5 broken old Swatches in the drawer, lots of trading cards and movie postcards.

Monday, October 22, 2007

"Better than sweaty palms"

Ah, here’s another meme I got! Niki tagged me with a pretty interesting one here.

Five things in my bag. Well, I have a weekend bag and an old weekday backpack that I carry to work, I’ll go with the backpack for this one.

• My keypouch/coin pouch.
• 1G thumbdrive with my portfolio
• Digital camera
• Glasses for watching movies
• My pass for getting into the office

Five things in my wallet. Opps, I don’t carry a wallet. I got a money clip and a card holder. Think I’ll just go with the card holder for this one.

• Bus and subway card
• ATM card
• ID
• Kinokuniya member/discount card
• Pokka member/discount card

Five things in my room. Again, I got my computer/study room with my computer, beanbag and action figure displays. And then there’s my bedroom. Since I don’t wanna geek out bout my action figure collection, I’ll go with the bedroom.

• Little bottle of Tea Tree Oil. Swear to Gawd, it's some miracle oil, takes care of almost anything from mozzy bites to my occasional sinus
• Tube of handcream cos I get dry hands sometimes (hey, its better than sweaty palms!)
• Coaster on my bedside table for my drinks
• Currently reading World War Hulk: Gamma Files
• Bunch of ‘Do Not Disturb’ and morning breakfast menu door handlers that I took from hotels during my travels, hanging on my bedroom doorknob. Man, those breakfast menus really look good on a weekend morning!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Just background music"

I was tagged a meme by b but I been a little too busy job hunting to sit down, think bout it and write something bout it. Sorry bout that b!

Let’s see, the stuff I been listening to … hmmm … been going slow rock lately. Hysteria from Def Leppard. Some Aerosmith numbers. Then there was that nite when I was doing my PowerPoint portfolio, I remember listening to the Grease soundtrack as always. Some Hans Zimmer soundtracks too. In the office’s itunes network, there’s Good Charlotte, Latino heat courtesy of Tito Puente and a couple of anime soundtracks. It's just the background music. something familiar that I need while I write.

Now that I got some free time on my hands, had a talk with my folks and I’ll be renting out our old vacant apartment. It’s a 3-bedroom apartment in the Novena/Newton area, near town. Since we all moved out a couple of years ago, its been empty and well, kinda neglected. So starting later this month, I’ll be meeting up with aircon guys, contractors, painters etc. Set aside about 20 grand for the whole thing.

That's part of the living room and the one below is the kitchen. Ok. I am pretty excited, in a way, bout being a landlord and all. Guess I’ll be talking to a real estate agent or a lawyer to get the legal stuff outta the way. But I'll still be looking for a regular job too!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"5 hours of Martha Stewart"

Goodbye Soundtrack Channel, hello History Channel!

I am so seriously into the History Channel and the Crime and Investigation Channel right now. My love affair with history revolves around ancient history and with a major hard on for the late 19th century right up to WWII. Really, I’m always like spellbound by them old black and white footage! Usually after watching an episode, I’ll go read up bout it more in Wiki. When I was a kid, I bought tons of hardcover history books that were going like really cheap at Popular (that’s the shop's name) bookstores, and weekly/monthly WWII military magazines. I still got some of the books but the magazines are long gone now. Caught the 2-hour documentary, Last Secrets of the Axis over the weekend, that was really something.

The Crime and Investigation Channel is almost like the History Channel cept its all bout the history of crime in the 20th century, well, at least that’s how I see it. Lots of cool old footage too! Hah. I saw Gangbusters last week, which was bout the heroin trade in the US, how it started waaay back in the late 19th century with the Tongs in Chinatown.

And with the Tivo-like features, 60 hours of recording time I believe, I been doing lots of taping too. It’s amazing how I can go through 5 hours of Martha Stewart in bout an hour! After taping the weekday episodes, I simply fast forward past all the non-food demos and yakking-with-the-guests segments, and just watch the baking/cooking ones! Hah!

I’m also a sucker for old movies. Taped Peter Lorre’s Beast with Five Fingers the other nite but have yet to watch it. And of cos, I still need my regular sitcoms like The Office, Two and A Half Men, How I Met Your Mother and The Simpsons.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

"Take the piss out of it"

Geez ... it's a Saturday nite and I'm at home? Oh yah! This pretty much sums up how I feel since losing my job ... heh ... that is the complete pix. You gotta admit, it looks cool and it does mean something to me as in it's how I feel right now. Even though it feels like I got a broadsword running through me, I am still trying to take the piss out of it, with a smirk or two.