I bet one of the sure signs of growing old has got to be the body’s inability to process or digest KFC properly. Cos I can no longer have that for dinner without feeling all queasy and weird in bed. I guess now it’s just too oily for me.

So good that I had to get a bite of crisp golden skin before snapping a shot

That’s why these days if ah want me some a them fried chicken, ah head to Church’s Texas Fried Chicken at NEX. It’s way less oily, doesn’t leave any nasty ‘bodily reminders’ hours later, their biscuits are sweeter and less heavy than the ones at Popeye’s plus the public library at NEX has the best graphic novel collection I have seen so far. Well, another reason is cos my late uncle used to buy them for me every Saturday back when I was a kid.

Well, still no chance to drop by any new or fancy food joints but I got more wildlife pix by my Dad! If you like any, leave a ‘tick’ at the bottom. More pix in my last post too! Am sure it’ll make a 77-year-old man happy. Thanks a lot! ;)