Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cavalock and The Return of The Wash Pole Patriot

Am still up to my eyeballs in project work but still its the national day weekend, I figured I'd take a break. Now you can't say its national day without the wash pole patriot. Yup, he or she is at it again.

One interesting thing I re-discovered while hitting the books again is that I still do my best work in the dead of the nite, like almost midnite till 2am when it's dead quiet. I'm like most productive at that time. And with the Nespresso I'm now all pumped up to last the nite and beyond! Hey, I'm the kinda guy that can take an espresso shot at 11pm and still fall asleep an hour later. Not a problem! <^;^>

Not much chance to eat out at any new or fancy joint yet. But here's a well-deserved prata breakfast last weekend at Wisma Food Republic before heading to ION. The teh tarik (milk tea) is amazing, one of best and sweetest I have had.


imp said...

that reminds me. has it been 3 years since i first read your blog?!

all chartered by the amazing Wash Pole Patriot!

red fir said...

mua haha. The wash pole patriot is real consistent! Maybe that's coz he washes the flag once a year...

Cavalock said...

imp: Yah imp! thanks for reading!

ice: Hah! <^;^>