Friday, July 31, 2009

Cavalock and The Ultimate Fantasy Coffee Party

Another hectic week filled with assignments and training plans, sleeping past 1am every other nite. Argh.....gawd, once this course is over and I make it out in one piece, I'm thinking of throwing the Ultimate Fantasy Coffee Party, yah, and everyone's invited too! Really!

Found myself back at ION again, but this time headed straight down to level B4 for the first time. It's all about food here.

Was there bout 11am, and there was already this long Q for roast meat at Modern Peking Duck. First time I have ever seen a whole freakin' roasted pig inside an Orchard Road food court. Didn't buy any but went for a closer look and the 'blistering' skin looked really, really crispy and yummy! Can't remember if they serve rice meals or just sell the roasted meat.

Thanks to another of Ice's great review, I was drawn to Arinco King's heavenly Caramel Roll. I ain't that good with words so go read her review! <^;^> Every bite is as good as she says! I heard that on some weekdays the Caramel Roll is sold out by 2pm.

Something else I had that was pretty good was the taiyaki (Japanese red bean fish pancake) from where else but The Taiyaki at B4. Unlike the ones you find at every other mall here, this one uses really thin pancake which I like, there's even a chocolate pancake skin. You get a variety of fillings from the usual red bean or custard to new ones like apple cinnamon and banana custard.


ice said...

Cool beans. You like it yah? I just finished my roll today and it's still as good even after 5 days in the fridge. I was told it can keep up to 2 weeks. Now I feel like buying another after looking at yours... I was there again yesterday too!

You bought alot of taiyaki heh.

Cavalock said...

2 weeks? wow....

well, the taiyaki 'skin' is so light and thin that u can really have 2 or 3 and not even know it!