Sunday, July 05, 2009

Cavalock and The Mystery Pasta Topping

Been super busy with tons of project work right now so it's no surprise that I haven't got time to post any new food stuff. Its all hawker food or home cooked meals (by yours truly, of course) for me until the weekend when I don't feel so guilty eating out.

So imagine my little surprise when my first non-hawker meal came with this suspicious-looking topping. Hah! My guess is some miso topping but once you mixed it up with the pasta cream sauce, you can't really tell what it is.

Anyway, was reading the papers a couple of weeks ago and there was an article bout the 'new' thing that families are doing for fun cos of the recession. 'Staycations' instead of vacations, where families spend the weekend in local hotels instead of going for a overseas holiday. Now what I don't get is why do that in the first place? I mean, I can understand that it's cheaper but what's the kick?

As a family and I'm talking bout those with kids here, you already have your very own apartment so why spend over a hundred bucks to do the same thing you do every weekend in a different bedroom? Just for the pool and breakfast? Is that really worth a hundred bucks?

Look, believe me when I say I can understand the kick, thrill or fun of spending the night in a fancy hotel BUT only if you don't have your own apartment. When I was living with my folks, I did that more than a couple of times. Spend Saturday nite away from the family (I bet my folks could also do with some time away from me too, heh), and we'll leave what went on in my hotel room up to the imagination as this is still a PG-rated blog. <^;^> As you can see, I used to like to collect the room breakfast menus although it's always the breakfast buffets that I look forward to in the morning.

But now that I got my own apartment, there's no way I will spend money on a 'staycation'.


red fir said...

What a strange hobby...

btw, that's that weird pastey thingy on your pasta?

Cavalock said...

that's a very tiny crab pincer, sticking out of the pasta.

oh, the room menus were something i collected ages ago, just for kicks. don't worry, i don't do that anymore. <^;^>

red fir said...

No no I mean the brown ermm... turd looking paste.

Cavalock said...

think its miso