Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cavalock and The World War II Legacy

Someone once asked me why am I such a WWII history buff, I told them maybe it's because it's the last real war between good and evil. It was truly the biggest turning point in the history of the world. Nothing was ever the same after that. When I was younger, I could remember names of WWII operations, codes, tactics, datelines etc. Well, these days I don't recall all those details anymore but I still watch almost every WWII documentary on the cable and I still got a ton of WWII stories to tell.

But no, I don't HBO so I'm not watching The Pacific. I am watching WWII: Lost Films right now.

Anyway time for a little more pleasant food talk. Something for all Nespresso owners. Dunno if these brochures are available here at our local outlets but a friend got them in London recently.

It's a small little brochure with coffee recipes in it. I think it's only a London thing cos on the back cover it's a list of outlets in the UK.

According to the brochure, you can find the recipes online over here.

Finally made it to the now famous Nando's at Bugis for lunch. As expected, there was a Q but it moved pretty fast. Chicken was nice and tender, picked the herb and lemon sauce which was the mildest one on the list. They were out of a lot of potato sides that day, so had the coleslaw and corn.

My colleague had the Extra Hot sauce, that's the max level of hotness. Didn't even flinch, he even had to 'enhance' the flavor by splashing extra hot sauce on it. Would I go there again? Yah the price is ok but it ain't worth standing in long Q for it.


red fir said...

Did you know the kitchen caught fire on the first Sat of opening? Too hot lol.

Cavalock said...

really? hah, i heard they ran out of chickens and got orders wrong etc.

me and my colleagues were running errands there and decided on the spur of the moment. saw the line wasn't that long so decided to try it. 2 of them actually had it before in malaysia i think.

red fir said...

Hey saw your comment on my post. I think there're shops selling stuff from Japan, you can check out the mall directory on their website. My shopping was done at the Millenia shops.

Cavalock said...

oh ok, thanks for the update

red fir said...

Good that we found the old Wasabi Tei chef. So when are you popping down? I think you'll like the sushi counter, it's really nice now, very spacious with lots of leg space. Service is good too. It's just that prices went up considerably for some items.

Cavalock said...

i was there over the weekend. expected a Q but it wasn't very crowded. Will definitely try again this week. They gave me a discount card too! <^;^>