Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cavalock and The London Pub Resurgence

I could never understand the appeal of Vivo City, yah, I know it's like the biggest mall in the country but still, just about everything in there, you could also find in Orchard. Now I'm not talking about the restaurants and food joints there. That's different. Well, there's the cinema but I only caught one show there and that was a pretty sucky experience. Bad enough the movie was Transformers but the toilet was like outside the theatre and somewhere in the next continent. Took me 10 minutes at least to make the hike and return trip.

Anyway, so there I was on a Saturday afternoon, trying to figure out what to have for lunch and I came across The Queen and Mangosteen. It sounded kinda familiar, guess I must have read bout them somewhere. And since I was still missing them English pub food since last year, I figured why not.

Unfortunately they don't serve 'real' English pub grub. Had the onion rings and chilled tiger prawns for appetizers. The onion rings were great, they were kinda like beer battered although I know it wasn't beer but they were battered if you know what I mean. Geez I think I suck at writing food. Oh, and the Thai chili dip was good too.

As for the chilled tiger prawns (were they really TIGER prawns? cos they looked like regular prawns or shrimps to me, sizewise I mean), they were nice but nothing really special. Came with some salad dressing dip but otherwise they remind me of the regular prawns you find in Chinese restaurants.

My main was a delicious mushroom risotto with asparagus and tomatoes. Just the right amount of mushrooms and the asparagus (pity it wasn't white) tasted fresh and crisp.

Now for the best part of an already good meal, the oak sweet cider. A wee bit pricy at S$16 a 500ml bottle but definitely worth it. Light with only a slight hint of apple cider.


Stargirl said...

i'm kind of sick of vivo city. my friends and i took half an hour to decide what to eat during our last visit there.

Lunch is Served! said...

I always have Hong Kong desserts at the place across from this Pub :)

Cavalock said...

stargirl: half an hour cos there r too many too many good places to choose from? hah

lunch: was actually planing to go there too for dessert but was too full from lunch!