Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cavalock and The Curse of The Mother Tongue

With all the mother tongue monkey crap controversy going on, I just gotta throw in my two cents worth. Let me start by saying I was one of those who got screwed by that single education policy. Cos I flunked my second language, I was denied something that in some countries was a basic right. And now the people behind that policy finally admitted that they might have made a mistake.

Well, I'm not as eloquent as a friend of mine was when she wrote this on Facebook, "it's amazing how, with globalisation etc, some people still want to retreat to tiny villages of their own making. it's about communication, not language. and language is a constantly evolving creature anyway....i think people should learn languages for the love of it. or for purely economic reasons (cos they want to do business in china, for example). but it's BS to think that speaking chinese makes one more chinese. and to call it mother tongue, as you pointed out, is nonsense too."

Hell, all I'm gonna say is they screwed me big time and well, ....... we'll just leave it at that for now cos you never know who's gonna be reading this.

Anyway, look what I got at Daiso for only S$2 each. Finally found matching ones too. Yah, I bought extra cups in case of company but er ... that's very unlikely. You looking at S$10 right there, to go with this.

The other day during lunch I finally caved in and got this. A double quarter pounder and you know what would really make it better? Olives! Just drop a bunch of them between the meat and bun and I bet it'll be perfect!


tuti said...

i hopped from imp. hi!

had to join hands and say that i belong to the cursed batch when the stupid idiotic rule about chinese language came about. screw those people who sit at the top who never considered what they passed will hurt countless innocent people.

for no rhyme or reason, you wake up one day and find that you've lost opportunities in life due to failing that subject.

Cavalock said...

hi tuti, thanks for dropping by!

know wat u mean. well, my life thankfully didn't turn out that bad, i mean it could be worse i guess. But i still wonder how different it could have been if i was allowed a chance at 'higher education' despite failing my chinese.

Will there be payback? Only time will tell.