Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cavalock and His First Nendoroid

Heard a bit bout this little seafood place that's located in the middle of an industrial estate and appropriately named Seafood Paradise. It's in Defu industrial estate in Hougang. As expected, during the weekend, the area is pretty deserted. Heh, now if you ask me, see that entrance there, it kinda reminds me of the Zouk entrance.

The outside doesn't look that good but damn, when you a long Q in the middle of nowhere, you just know there's gotta be something worth waiting for, know what I mean? What we got was good food at a pretty good price. Read a bit bout their wasabi prawns so we ordered that, was ok, I mean it tasted exactly how you expected it to be when you see something like wasabi + prawn.

Highlight for me was their signature butter crab. That's the first pix up there. Damn its good. Creamy buttery sauce. Ordered an extra serving of the fried buns just to soak up it all up. Overall, much better than the Mellben crabs.

Finally got myself a figure from the Nendodroid series. That's a line of Japanese figures where they take famous anime/manga characters and give them the cute 'big head, little body' treatment. And it ain't cheap either. This one, the 50th in the series, cost me S$42. Got it cos it reminded me of the famous Mister Donut chain in Japan. Remember having breakfast in one of their shops in Kyoto. Funny little TV ad here on YouTube.


ice said...

Your wasabi prawns must be the greenest prawns I've ever seen heh. But the butter crabs really look so good! Incidentally imp just had crabs too!

Cavalock said...

and she said she waited 45mins for the food, i think she's ready for Wasabi Teh! lol

Richard said...

Wasabi prawns?

I'm with Ice, those are the greenest prawns I have ever seen.

How nasal clearing are they?

Cavalock said...

hey richard! how's it going?

nah, the wasabi was really mild. <^;^>