Monday, January 26, 2009

Cavalock Wishes Everyone A Happy Lunar New Year

Hey, Happy Lunar New Year to everyone out there! I read bout how some folks aren't that crazy bout all the visiting and stuff. Me? I come from a small family and I see them almost every week so seeing them on CNY is really no big difference, cept for the ang pow part. Anyway, its been real windy for the last few weeks so I guess it ain't that bad going out, walking in the sun and all that.

We opened the above bottle of lychee wine last nite. Something 'Chinese' for the New Year I guess. Hah! 'Cept that came from Italy. Never knew them Italians could do lychee. Not too bad. Really strong lychee aroma/scent/smell but you don't taste it that much, a light wine that we all kinda enjoyed.


red fir said...

I think I will like this lychee wine! Did you buy this in SGP?

Cavalock said...

Yup, but i got directly from a colleague's friend who's a wine dealer/exporter, only $24. same with the moscato.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I want the lychee wine too lol.

Happy New Year dude!

Anonymous said...

u all can take the wine. i'll take saber lion. ('~')


Cavalock said...

thanks guys! Happy Lunar New Year!