Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cavalock and The San Diego Comic Con Screwup

Figured I'll do a nerd post to celebrate San Diego Comic Con this week in the US. Since my trip there got messed up by the people in charge, I thought maybe I'll just post a little more than usual geeky stuff.

Geeky thing I did yesterday was to stroll down to Epicenter around noon and try my luck at snagging an iPad. As expected, the one I wanted was gone. No big deal really (otherwise I would have Q-ed much earlier) and since they are now taking pre-orders, I placed my deposit immediately.

Someone asked me if I was gonna get the iPhone 4 but I'm still locked in my iPhone 3GS teleco contract. Anyway if I got an iPhone 4, I wouldn't be able to fit this official 3GS Flash case over it. Geddit? Flash on my iPhone? I can say I got Flash on my iPhone...cos the iPhone doesn't support Flash Adobe, funny rite?....oh, nevermind....:P

Now after years of holding out, I finally caved in and started downloading and reading the latest DC/Marvel comic books online. Thanks to sites like comic invasion dot blog spot. The next step would be to get them over to the iPad instead of reading them on the desktop iMac.

Here's some really nerdy news. The guys are currently into Nerf guns, I mean, really into them. I'm talking bout a dozen guys in their 20s and 30s, some married with kids and running and screaming around the condo gardens shooting form darts at each other. I missed the inaugural shootout a couple of weeks ago but might try to make it for the second one next month. Oh, you can bet I'm gonna post something bout it...

Maybe I haven't been out lately but is this new? Looks really good. Tempted again but I don't see myself getting it.


red fir said...

Oh cool, you bought the iPad. Can't wait to see you eat sushi from it haha.

Cavalock said...

too busy playing with it to even think bout food...<^;^>