Monday, April 12, 2021

Cavalock and That Overdue Easter Post

Last Easter weekend was pretty exhausting but in a good way. While the Baker-at-Home made some slightly boozy hot-crossed buns with fruits soaked in rum, me and the guys made our way hiking from Kent Ridge Park to Labardor Park to Vivo City. Started at 7.30am and finished in time for an early lunch at Shake Shack. The rest of the guys have all made the trek before but it was me first time through that neck of the woods and it was quite a sight. Some really cool views like the Keppal jetty. I never knew there was a horticulture park or HortPark right up there, complete with chili plants and other veggies. Weather was hot and humid even for that time of the morning. We didn't run or jog, it was a pretty quick walk and no strolling allowed.

Current favourite boardgame is Hallertau, a slightly more complex game where each player manages a small Bavarian village in the Hallertau. The Hallertau in Bavaria, Germany is the largest continuous hop-producing region in the world and it prides itself upon being the first in Middle Europe to cultivate hops. Your objective is to increase its wealth and prestige by supplying the local crafts folk with goods from agriculture and sheep breeding. 

There's a quite a lot to manage in this game. Most of the decisions you make will be where to send your workers during your turn. What do you want to do? Plant different crops or breed sheep or buy tools? There are about 20 such choices waiting for you. You will also get to draw cards that will give more resources at a cost and even affect the decisions you make. I know it sounds cliche but it's one of those 'easy to learn, hard to master' kinda game. By gaining specific resources like barley, milk, wool or hops, you get to move your community centre and score points. The trick is in managing all your resources, knowing how and when to get those resources. 

It's a really amazing game and one I would recommend to anyone looking for a good boardgame challenge.

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