Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Cavalock and and The Prancing Poultry Playground

Been too long since I had me gnocchi from Cicheti. So when the Baker-at-Home had a craving for pasta, we decided to head to Caffe Cicheti to satisfy our hanger pangs. So the last time I had gnocchi was back in May and that's like almost three months too long. Grabbing a table before the dinner crowd is always a good idea, and even though the gnocchi was slightly burnt, the highlight of the meal was the amazing brussels sprout that came wth 'candied pecans' although I could have sworn they were walnuts at first.

Some random pix of poultry taken by me 86-year-old Dad that are prancing around his neighbourhood in the west. Man, them chicks look weird. Yah, this is one of those times when I can actually say something like that and no one's gonna be offended. 

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