Monday, March 18, 2019

Cavalock and The Ovaries Oddity Order

Not our first time at yakitori joint Tori-Tama over at Robertson Quay, we liked it so much it has become our de facto yakitori restaurant and we were there again last weekend with friends. Now a Japanese friend of the Baker-at-Home reminded her of the off-menu item that one has to specially  request for, preferably in hushed tones, as we soon found out. The reason for the waitress subtlety turning to the one of the chefs was soon revealed when he leaned over our table and whispered, "Ovaries."

Well, it took awhile for the ovaries to arrive. During which the Baker-at-Home did asked me, "where are my ovaries?" True story. She and her friend shared the ovaries while I silently waited for my chicken liver and heart. Them two orange balls dangling the end of the stick are egg yolks that pretty much taste like ... well, egg yolks according to the Baker-at-Home.

What a difference three days make! That's six cans of 500ml Kirin going for a mere $19.90 (that's kinda like duty free price!) last week and three days later, it became $24. It ain't the stock market but that's some freaky price jump.

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