Thursday, September 20, 2018

Cavalock and The Satanic Birthday Dinning Week

Been ages since I been to a really fancy Chinese dinner that's not someone's wedding but ... it is after all my birthday month and this here is a free dinner. Thanks to the bank, I got a free dinner for two at St. Regis Singapore's Yan Ting restaurant.

First time there. Enjoyed everything on the set menu although we found it lacking in carbo so we ordered some rice. I know you aren't supposed to dig in to so much carbo but we just didn't wanna go to bed hungry later. Favourite was the abalone although I always forget, which is the one that we aren't allowed to have? Abalone, shark's fin or is it bird's next? I know it's one of them ... I'm kidding!!!

So I went to an army reunion last week with people I haven't seen in decades. One of the first things someone said to me was, "I'm surprised you are married," to which I replied, "You thought I was gay?" "No, we thought you are so satanic and into devil-worshipping that you weren't interested in relationships," or words to that effect but the words "satanic" and "devil-worshipping" were definitely brought up more than once. Looking back, I think I did mentioned bout reading comic books and playing games like Dungeons and Dragons while in camp.

Needless to say, the Baker-at-Home found all this absolutely hilarious. I guess she's now really curious as to the kinda teenager I was. A gamer friend said that these camp mates must really like you to invite you to the reunion even after assuming you were a devil-worshipper.

I'm just shocked that in this day and age, people still assume that "satanic devil-worshippers" are incapable of finding love or even maintaining a serious relationship. <^;^>


imp said...

that last portion about the army reunion and 'satanic worshipping' threw me into a laughing fit!

Cavalock said...

I thought maybe it was the music but then almost every other guy was into either Bon Jovi or Def Leppard too. ;)