Friday, August 04, 2017

Cavalock and The Japanese Boardgame Haul

Time to reminisce over another great Tokyo meal we had last month. On those rare days when we got nothing planned, we were looking for an early lunch near our hotel in Shinjuku when we strolled past this rather inconspicuous basement joint. Fortunately the baker-at-home recognised the restaurant banner fluttering outside and in we went! To be honest, I wasn't aware of this place or its culinary fame and I said 'yes' to eating here as it was a hot summer's day, and I simply wanted some air-con!

The pix we took of the famous Gyukatsu Motomura beef cutlets don't do the food justice. Inexpensive, good food tend to generate long queues and this is no exception. Fortunately it's an "eat-and-go" kinda place, so the queue moved pretty fast. You gotta cook the beef cutlets on the hot stove yourself and it was absolutely delicious. Definitely will visit it again if we can.

No Japan trip is complete without me coming home with more than few boardgames! I tell myself this trip's haul is more moderate than the one in March. I still got at least half dozen old Japanese boardgames that I haven't even played yet! Most interesting game this trip has got to be the below Tokyo Highway, a simple dexterity game that was a sold-out hit at the recent Tokyo Game Market. It was sold out in March and when I checked the shop for it this trip, they told me that the second edition will be in the very next day. Glad I got it and had lotsa fun playing it since.

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