Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Cavalock and The Coffee and Corn Break

Like our previous vacations in Japan, we once again hand-carried home little crates of fresh produce such as peaches and tomatoes. Still way cheaper than those sold at our Istetan and Meidi-Ya supermarkets in Singapore. But this time, we brought white corn back with us! Yup, the same kinda Japanese white corn that is soooo juicy delicious when eaten raw. I found these last two at a grocery store for only a little more than a 100 yen each! They aren't easy to find locally and if you do find them, they are gonna cost around S$4 or S$5 each if I remember correctly.

This trip was also a good opportunity for us to squeeze in some things that we wanted to do in March but couldn't find the time. And one of that was dropping by the insanely crowded Blue Bottle Coffee joint in the Newoman mall above Shinjuku train station.

Very strong ang mo hipster vibe but thank goodness the hordes of mainland Chinese tourists gave the place that much-needed little pinch of kopi tiam vulgarity. Too harsh? <^;^> Anyway despite the long queue and crowd, service was fast (as expected since this is Japan!) and we soon scampered away to a corner to enjoy our ice coffees. Had the New Orleans which is cold brew coffee with milk and cane sugar. Not bad and rather refreshing in this summer heat but at 500 yen which is like S$6 a cup, a little too expensive even for Tokyo.

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