Monday, June 19, 2017

Cavalock and The Inevitable Return to Warhammer

Hah! Now this is what happens when you take on one too many hobbies. About a month ago, I decided to return to the world of miniature wargaming or the fantasy world of Warhammer to be exact. Actually it's more like the return to painting miniature figures than the gaming aspect cos gawd knows I have been playing all kinds of tabletop miniatures for the better part of my life.

Its been over two decades since I painted any miniatures and back then they were all made of heavy lead, today it's mostly plastic. That green porcelain palette is the same one since those early days of painting in the old family home. And I still suck at painting! Although it is extremely therapeutic but not a cheap hobby. It's really the new Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Skirmish rules that allow you to play a game using only a handful of miniatures that got me back into this British tabletop game. Manoeuvring your army across a terrain-laden table, charging into your opponent's figures then rolling dice to decide the outcome of each fight.

Seriously, why would anyone wanna go to Papa Rich when you can get a better serving of Nasi Lemak at Coconut Club at bout the same price? Been to the Coconut Club more than a couple of times already and the food and service have always been first rate. Introduced the joint to my gaming buddies last week and they loved it. Unfortunately they didn't get a chance to savour their famous chendol as the chef deemed that day's ingredients not worthy enough. But my friend was definitely impressed by their quality control. At least it's another reason to visit the place again with them.

So, really, am I the only guy now who has fond memories of growing up in that neighbourhood? I suppose everyone has heard or read bout the very public spat between siblings over an old house. I grew up in that area and life in the old family home with my late uncles and aunts were the absolute best days of my young life. I have walked past them Gurkha guards numerous times and was once wailing in my aunt's arms cos she wouldn't buy me a chemistry set. I remember one of the brothers would sometimes walk towards River Valley to taboa some food in the afternoon. At night, the road barriers would come down and the guards would change into their black military outfits. I guess back then everyone felt safe in that old neighbourhood.

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