Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Cavalock and The Freshness Extraction

So what were the freakin' odds of both my iMac and MacBook Pro both crashing within 24 hours of each other?!? Well, finally back online with a new MacBook Pro and yah, it's still another Osaka post.

We have now made it a point to always lug back some fresh produce whenever we are overseas. This Japan trip, it was more juicy tomatoes and peaches again. These gorgeous peaches hail form Yamanashi, that number one producer of grapes, peaches and plums in Japan. Hey, how's that for something educational? You do learn something here at this blog after all. ;)

Bought two boxes of tomatoes, each for about S$20 I believe. Saw them on sale here in our local supermarkets for about 3x price. Same with the peaches. Ridiculously priced. Seriously why do people still buy stuff here? I mean, almost everything here is way too expensive. I stopped buying stuff here ages ago. In Tokyo last year and Osaka this year, I got a couple Uniqlo t-shirts and a short-sleeved Beams shirt, and that's all the wardrobe I need for the next few years. Oh yah, there was a pair of pretty cool sneakers from Bangkok too. But really, almost everything you find elsewhere is so cheap compared to what's on sale here. Some days I really do wonder why our neighbours come here to shop in the first place. And don't get me started on the food.

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