Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cavalock and The Morning Market Meetup

Way back when I was barely out of my teens, my mom wanted to matchmake me with a Thai girl and knowing my late mom and family connections, there would most certainly be an emphasis on one who was well endowed with both brains and beauty. Of cos nothing came out of it, but it became kind of a running joke here in our tiny little apartment. Ah, always good for a laugh.

During my recent stay in Bangkok, we dropped by the famous Or Tor Kor Market. Ranked No. 4 among the Top 10 fresh markets in the world by CNN, the market is pretty cool. I know we here have our own neighbourhood wet markets in every other GRC but there is so much more here. Clean, organised, spacious and with an almost never-ending parade of local cooked and fresh food, it's the kinda market I can spend hours at. Another plus point is how few tourists there are around shopping in the market.

A most satisfying crabby lunch at Or Tor Kor Market and once again, our hand-carry luggage home was loaded with fresh Thai mangoes and other tropical fruits.


imp said...

Ooh! What a fun walk! I always want to buy stuff from these markets!

Cavalock said...

Yah, I can imagine you having lots of fun here too. Hah, should have asked you bout some BKK tips before leaving. We thought of trying a half day cooking class but decided not to.

imp said...

Explore BKK the way you both want to! If yours is a short trip, cooking classes certainly aren't priority. If you're versed in Asian cooking, am sure recipes from the books or off the web will work all right for you. Are you writing more posts about BKK? Hope so! Looking forward to reading them.