Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Finally! Cavalock has come back to Bangkok

Well, I'm back after a short trip to Bangkok which I guess would explain the lack of blog posts. So after more than a decade away, I was finally back in Bangkok but unlike my last trip there this wasn't a working venture but a personal one. I met up with my cousin and his elderly mom. It was quite an emotional visit as she was very close to my late aunt. A former university professor, she lives in an estate or compound right in the middle of busy Sukhumvit. I also found out that a distant uncle was recovering from an illness. Anyway, I shan't bore anyone here with all the family proceedings although recently I do wonder if there are still people reading this site.

Now I also had the pleasure of meeting my cousin's daughter who at 8-years-old is already a gifted violinist, pianist as well as competitive swimmer and tennis player. It was absolutely delightful to have her for company during meal time. One of the places my cousin brought us to was Le Dalat Restaurant, a multi-award winning Vietnamese restaurant. Wonderful ambience with a hint of French colonialism and of course, delicious food.

My favourite was the above skewered beef wrapped in veggie leaves. A little crunchy and filled with beefy goodness that pops in your mouth. The rest of the food we ordered was amazing too. I'm no expert on Vietnamese food but I do know tasty food and all this is mighty tasty!

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