Saturday, February 06, 2016

Cavalock and The Retro Vintage Bake Wish

This is one of the classic books I found in the old family home a couple months ago, Good Housekeepings Picture Cake Making from 1952. The outside of the book has seen better days but the pages are still in pretty good condition.

I never really thought of flipping through it until recently. And wow! Even though most of the pix were in black-and-white, some of the recipes brought back memories of tea time in the old family home and my late aunt baking up a storm. I think there are still one or two traditional bakeries here that you can find some of them. Lots of hipster cafes with their eclairs, cupcakes and tiramisu around but damn, I would pay a small fortune for one of these.

Check this out, even the ads in the book is so vintage cool.

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