Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cavalock and The Football Club Cookie Challenge

Neither of us are sports fans which made this cookie order more challenging than others. Hours were spent online looking for the correct colors and design. We even considered the possibility of getting 3D printed cookie cutter because of its unique crest sharp. Instead the baker-in-house decided to do it freestyle on regular round butter cookies. As each piece had to be traced and painstakingly hand-drawn, she really had her work cut out for her (pun intended). 

Frankly I can never understand the appeal of being a sports fan. The idea of cheering for millionaire sportsmen from halfway across the world who doesn't know or even care about you is simply beyond my understanding. But I digress. The family who got the cookies all loved them and that's good enough for us.

Great Shades of Storage Wars! It was just like a scene outta the reality show a couple of Sundays ago when I was invited to a private boardgame sale held at one them storage facilities. Only about five of us were allowed in at a time and I spent almost an hour combing the racks in the dark. Yes, it was so freakin' dark that we had to rely on our smartphone torchlight apps. Everything in there was going at half-price! Quite an unforgettable experience and fun too as we went around discovering some pretty cool old games hidden in the corners. Found and bought over S$180 worth of games and expansions.

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