Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cavalock and The Ride Out West (Again)

Seems like these days I'm heading out to the west side of our little island more times than I can remember. This week, I was at The Rotisserie at The Rochester Mall, just a 5-minute walk from Buona Vista station. Never knew there was a hotel (Rochester) way out here. It's like a couple fancy skyscrapers in the middle of nowhere. Was there bout 2pm, that's after the lunch crowd so there was no problem getting a seat.

I know everyone's saying how good their roasted chicken is but I had the steak sandwich instead. Was bout S$12.50 and you get to pick two different salads side dishes, potato and coleslaw for me. Not a very thick slice of steak but still tasty enough. Like the bacon strips too.

I guess with it being just a short walk from the train station, I wouldn't mind trying out their breakfast menu one of these days.

Oh wow! Looking at one of my first few posts way back in July 2006, was just back from Japan. Sure wish the food, the people and just about everything Japanese right now. And in this July 2007 post, I actually spilled the (a little) beans on my origin! As for July 2008, me and the guys just got back from kicking some serious Aussie butt in Gen Con Australia! Damn, I miss those good ol' days....


red fir said...

You mean there is a hotel at Rochester? Geez I don't even know that too!

Cavalock said...

Yup, my friend who lives nearby told me.