Sunday, March 04, 2012

Cavalock and The Overdue Grocery Run

Ever since I got this gig in February I haven't had time to drop by my favorite Japanese supermarket Meidi-ya. So I finally did this weekend and whoa! I see lotsa new stuff and if I'm right, it's all stuff you can't find in any of the other supermarkets in town.

I know some of the speciality butcher/grocery stores sell these canned escargots but you got them here too, and no, I didn't buy any. Save the snails!

Now I bet I can imagine how these little smarties chocolate cupcakes are going to taste, too sweet for me. But I gotta admit, they do look mighty tempting.

Crackers and cereals! Plenty of new flavors and brands to choose from. Annnnnd guess what? I didn't buy any either, just wasn't in a 'snacky' mood I guess.

Now this is something interesting. I wonder if this is where Japanese restaurants get their coffee and cocoa? S$5.80 for a carton of coffee and S$10.50 for cocoa?

Must also resist making politically incorrect joke about the coffee.....:P


red fir said...

You're always checking out supermarkets and not buying anything! :P

Cavalock said...

Hah, i did buy a couple bottles of Royal Milk Tea but i think i have already gushed about my luv for the drink in one too many posts! ;)

Henry said...

I wanna store these snacks to my kitchen cabinet. :-D

Cavalock said...

Thanks for dropping by and good luck! ;)