Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cavalock and The Magic Weekend Getaway

I’m back from Kuala Lumpur, back from taking part in a Grand Prix event and nope, it’s not the F1 race. Seriously, I can never understand how and why would anyone give money to millionaire sportsmen who have no idea who their fans are but I digress.

Taking a break from the rat race, me and four other grown-up friends flew to Malaysia last Friday and took part in the gaming geekfest known as Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur. After Day One, I was placed 285th out of 612 players from around the world. Only the top 80 or 82 guys advanced to Day Two of the tournament, which was eventually won by a Japanese pro-player.

Bear with me now for a little geekspeak as I don’t wanna forget how I did at the tourney. Played from 9am to about 9pm, lost the first match, won second match just like the rest of the gang, then lost next three matches but won the last 4 with a clean 2 – 0 streak for each. Final tally was 5 wins and 4 loses.

Well, we all had a blast in KL. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The amount of non-stop trash-talking among us was insane! And thank the stars we all luv KL’s street food. Every single night we would venture to popular Jalan Alor (food street), as it was only bout 10-minute stroll from our service apartment, and have dinner or supper till like 11pm.

First nite Jalan Alor round up. Char Kway Tio was ok, BBQ chicken wings and satay pretty good.

The unexpectedly yummy oyster omelet was something different from what we have back home. The oysters were all enveloped inside a waffle-thin omelet shell. I really like how they just ooze out when you ‘crack’ the shell with your chopsticks.

To be continued…;)

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