Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cavalock Goes To The Hokkaido Fair

It's that time of the year again when Isetan throws their popular Hokkaido food fair. And this year, they got a little Sapporo beer stand outside the supermarket, right below McD's coffee stand. So what better way to spend a hot afternoon than to drown it with a cup of cold beer?

BTW, their Sapporo 6-pack is cheaper than Cold Storage...

Well, I slipped in on Saturday early afternoon and it was already packed. Lots of cool stuff as expected, very tempting but for my first visit (yes, I intend to return on a weekday when it's way less crowded), I am proud to say that I managed to control myself and didn't spend much.

To be honest, they are all pretty expensive and one way I kinda stopped myself from buying most of them is me telling myself, "Hey, I saw that selling for half the price in Tokyo earlier this year!". Those scallops on sale are great but I don't think I wanna spend that much on them right now.

Almost bought some of the cold Hokkaido milk candies but they were like, only a couple of weeks away from their expiry dates. So passed on those too.

So what did I buy? Some of the stuff I got include this yummy scrambled cheesecake. Thanks Ice for the tip. More pix and a much better write-up here.

More info bout the fair here.

Also bought this bag of dried Wakame seaweed. It looks like a pretty big bag. Hope to do something decent out of it. <^;^>


Noodlegirl said...

interesting I never seen scrambled cheesecake before I thought it was eggs at first~

red fir said...

You bought 2 items only? That's so little & I thought I practised restraint already. The scrambled cheesecake is so good right? Just had the souffle cheesecake & it's very yummy too. Bought mine from Hakodate (the other counter) last year & I thought this one by Otaru is better.

Oh noodlegirl, the "scrambled" part of the cheese forms a top layer. The bottom layer is a real silky smooth lemony cheesecake. It's delicious!

Cavalock said...

Noodlegirl: yah, it looks like scrambled eggs n its such a tiny portion too.

ice: hah, i bought more than that but figured i'll just talk bout these first. saw the souffle cheesecake but picked the scrambled one instead. will probably post more after i pay the fair another visit!

Jer Lin said...

the hokkaido fair will be back on the 29th this month!