Saturday, February 07, 2009

Cavalock Takes On The Southern Ridges

Bakerzin has a special this February with their S$1 macarons. Not a bad deal, bought 10 at Suntec.

Props: Cheap at only a buck each. Taste real nice and sweet.

Slops: See the pix of them in the bag below? Hate it how they are all squashed in the bag like that. Some were pretty messed up. Can't they put them in a those clear long popiah/kueh containers? The flavours weren't that distinct either. The green one was supposed to be pistachio but I couldn't tell its pistachio.

Finally headed to the Southern Ridges for my long-awaited, first time morning walk.

Got off the bus at Alexandra Arch and walked for just a little over an hour to Marang Trail, right next to Vivo City. Wore my scandals but it was ok. Had fun and worked out a good sweat. Only major complaint is NO monkeys!! I wanted to see some monkeys!!

Look who came for the walk too!


ice said...

No monkeys but you've got awesome companion! :)

i.m. said...

i've been wanting to walk here. i'll try and do it this weekend. if i see any monkeys, i'll take a snapshot for you!

Lunch is Served! said...

Gee... what a stupid way to pack macaroons.

Cavalock said...

*whew* back after freakin' busy week at the office.

yah, i was really looking forward to some monkeys!

as for the macarons, even the little bakery in Toa Payoh that sells macarons packs them in the long boxes!