Thursday, July 08, 2021

Cavalock and That Uninhibited Uni Dinner

Just before the restaurants are open for all-out, five-a-table dining, the Baker-at-Home and I managed to snag a seating at IL Den at their new Scotts Road joint. Seems like most online searches still list them at their old locations. Anyway, it's situated at one of those old colonial type bungalows along Scotts Road towards Newton MRT Station. Got there before sunset and made our way down a most welcoming little pathway leading to the restaurant, lined with pots of chili and lemon bushes. I thought it was pretty neat, nice little prelude to dinner. 

Had the sake pairing to go with our Omakase dinner. Good modern Japanese food all the way, you got more than one yummy uni dish, real tender wagyu beef and sake, sake, sake. Did I say we had a sake pairing? Absolutely stuffed by the end of the evening. Took a nice stroll to the train station after that.

Been awhile since I posted me Dad's pix. He's getting old now and has difficulty walking at 87-years old but somehow he still manages to make his way across the island a couple times a week to snap some bird pix. He took these at Gardens by The Bay last month.

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