Saturday, October 17, 2020

Cavalock and Doing What's Best for Business

Got me long overdue haircut and took the opportunity to grab lunch at a sushi joint that I had long wanted to visit but the Baker-at-Home has long resisted. Why? I have no idea. Really. The last time we went to a conveyer belt sushi joint was our regular one at the now defunct Liang Court basement. Anyway, "left to my own devices" that late morning, I fast walked to Shaw House after my haircut and joined the queue at Sushiro Isetan Scotts. One of the perks of dining alone is I didn't have to wait long for a seat. Had some yellowtail and some tuna, and the verdict? The sushi sashimi were a little too "stiff and rigid" and I'm guessing its cos they were flown-in frozen? All that for $26 was alright I guess. Not the first place I would go again if I had another craving for sushi but at least I tried.

Am also grateful that me and some of the guys got a chance to meet up for a Warhammer gaming session this week. So good to be finally moving and manoeuvring those miniatures on the battlefield once more. The five of us even found time to chill later with some ice-cream and talk bout all kinda stuff from superhero movies to Among Us to The Social Dilemma to the US elections. It's not everyday I get into deep conversations with folks who possess an in-depth understanding of US politics. And we all sorta agree that a certain candidate winning is good for business, the other guy winning not so good for business. Cos we all know it's always better to do what's best for business. 


imp said...

I still eat supermarket takeout sushi. Hurhurhur. And some items from uhhh Itacho Sushi.

Cavalock said...

Absolutely, am still doing the supermarket runs. Mostly Isetan cos Mediya is kinda out of the way now.