Monday, August 05, 2019

Cavalock and The Tasty Tokyo Takeaways Partie Deux

More snapshots of the snacks we bought in Tokyo! Here we stumbled upon the artisan French butter boutique Echire at Daimaru Tokyo Station. Yes, we only remembered they have a cafe outlet nearby after we got home. Hah! We went crazy and bought a bit of almost everything. Unfortunately their best-selling item was sold out and of cos that means we have a reason to return to Tokyo for another visit. The rum raisin butter sandwich was my favourite, with really strong rum flavour with the nice creamy texture which I assume is thanks to Echire. Silly me, I just realised I never took any pix of the snacks out of their wrappers!

No way you'll catch me buying a can of Pringles here but in Japan where all kinds of unique local flavours are incorporated into familiar brands, I couldn't resist picking this scallop Pringles. Other tasty treats we brought back include the usual fresh produce like peaches, white corn and tomatoes.

No Tokyo trip is complete without stopping over at boardgame shop Yellow Submarine. Told myself I'll buy less Japanese boardgames this trip but ended up with five new games to haul back home. Played In Front of the Elevators several times already and it's a really fun, short game. Your goal is to help your family members get into the elevator, which can only hold a few people at a time. You score points for each family member that gets in. I like it a lot as it can get pretty "thinky" as every card you play affects every other card in the row. The rules are extremely easy to remember but as you play the game, you'll notice a layer of complexity that turns this simple-looking game into quite an entertaining brain-burner.

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