Monday, November 26, 2018

Cavalock and The Covent Garden Italian Surprise

Best meal we had in London was totally unplanned for as the Baker-at-Home developed a sudden craving for pasta or Italian food kinda halfway during our vacation. We did an online search and found a pretty highly-rated one at Covent Garden, near our place. Checked out San Carlo Cicchetti Covent Garden. Liked the menu and off we went for lunch.

So we arrived right when they opened their doors for lunch. Great attentive service by an all Italian staff line-up. Ordered off the a la carte menu instead of the set lunch, and loved every bite outta it. The Baker-at-Home's favourite was the very hearty Caciucco below (Tuscan fish stew with a bread top baked in the oven), a house specialty.

My Truffle and Pecorino Ravioli was delicious and so was the Grilled Aubergine and Asparagus. All accompanied by a nice bottle of Italian wine, I forgot which one. Hah! This is what happens when you write bout something a month after you had it.

And we loved our desserts too! Cannoli for her and affogato for me. Not a cheap lunch but definitely worth every pound. I suppose there are of cos better Italian joints around London, maybe next time we'll plan ahead. A little off-topic but we did wanna have a Sunday Roast meal too but the places that we had our sights on, had full reservations before we even left Singapore.

Here's another weird pix I took in the U.K., not in London but in Nottingham while on me way to Warhammer World. Doesn't say what the trial is for, kinda creepy if you ask me and I reckon this is how they get volunteers for the zombie apocalypse.

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