Friday, December 15, 2017

Cavalock and The Food Coma Trepidation

So we got a wee bit greedy on our first morning in Kuala Lumpur and went on an early breakfast eating spree. We hit the popular kopi tiam at the junction along Jalan Barat and ordered ... and ordered ... and ordered.

We had us some pork porridge, pork noodles and char kway teow, and I washed it all down with a sweeter than sweet tall glass of 3 layer tea. The food was all good although the porridge and wanton noodles were way tastier than pork noodles. But the above pork blood sausage from the pork noodles was my breakfast champ. I don't think I can find anything similar at hawker stalls in Singapore. Well, about three hours after that meal, the Baker-at-Home and I were unceremoniously struck by a case of severe food coma. It was not a pleasant feeling. It slowly crept up as I suddenly found that I could not move my limbs another inch and all we could do was look for a place to rest our bodies ... at the mall. Really. All that carbo overload and sugar overdose were like a lethal double KO blow for us.

Lesson learnt. I think since we started changing our diets and working out. We can't do them big carbo breakfasts no more. :P

Oh yah, if you are at the Jalan Barat kopi tiam, don't forget to try them little custard tarts, damn, they are good and insanely cheap.


imp said...

I scanned your photos first before I read your words, and thought to myself, ‘that’s a lot of carbs!’ Hahaha. Like you had a table of four for breakfast.

Cavalock said...

Geez, you should have seen the both of us. We were dragging our feet like molasses and telling ourselves there is no way we are gonna make it back to our hotel.

imp said...

Hahaha. But you did! And could make it to moreeee food at lunch!