Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cavalock and The Sugamo Jizo-dori Appreciation

Things change and so do people. My early visits to Japan were more like gadget and hobby shopping sprees but this first trip after so many years away was a little different. Maybe it's cos I'm getting old but we went for more local, natural offerings this time instead of the previous touristy sights and sounds. For starters, we made a beeline to the supermarket and bought punnets of juicy Japanese strawberries and cherry tomatoes. So much cheaper and fresher than back in Singapore, they were perfect as after meal snacks throughout our trip. We even brought two whole crates of these sweet, luscious tomatoes home with us!

Sugamo Jizo-dori was somewhere that we wanted to visit after reading about it. Not a place where you would need to wade through swarms of tourists and that's just how we like it. It's only a short stroll from Sugamo station. Also known as the Harajuku for seniors, it's a street that's about a mile-long and packed with traditional food as well as quaint household stuff for sale.

From pickled garlic to fruit honeys to sesame dressing to even a handy tool for cracking ginko nuts, we snapped up so many amazing and tempting treats from all over Japan. You can tell by the posters and ads that several of the shops are rather famous islandwide. Away from the maddening crowd, the entire street has a pretty laid back vibe that lets you browse through each little shop at your own pace. I can imagine the place being packed during summer but right now it's still a wee bit cold. A wonderful place to discover new and old Japan.

Finally! At long last, I found accessories for my Kindle! Back home I bought a Kindle about a month ago and I spent weeks searching for a cover or any kinda casing for it but I couldn't find a single store in Singapore that sold anything related to a Kindle. It was like a freakin' epic quest that I could never complete until I reached Tokyo. Thank gawd, people still read books even electronic ones in Japan. I can start lamenting about how hardly anyone reads books in Singapore anymore but I shan't. Found my Kindle covers in Bic Camera and wanna know what else you can just buy over the counter there that you can't find in Singapore?

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