Friday, March 22, 2013

Cavalock and The All-Collage Bird and Food Post

So I finally went for my first Restaurant Week event. I didn't make any plans for it and it was an invite from a local food blogger. I thought it was a good idea to take a break from my caregiving duties and so there I was at CHIJimes' Tatsu Sushi for the first time!

I thought it was pretty good deal for only S$35. You had a choice between a teppanyaki set or the sushi set and of cos I picked the sushi set! ;) No regrets there. The little joint wasn't that crowded and I think it's the western restaurants that are usually packed for Restaurant Week. I never really paid much attention to Restaurant Week cos I figured the meals are still quite expensive despite whatever discounts they offered. I'll definitely keep an eye out next year.

Well, as you can see, I'm trying out another FREE collage generator (Collagelt Free for Mac). Some more new bird pix from my 79-year-old Dad. He's getting older and gets tired more easily now when carrying all his heavy camera equipment around. These birds are out in the wild and not from the Bird Park or Zoo. Maybe one day I'll find a proper way to showcase more of his photos.


red fir said...

Tatsu was the first sushi restaurant that made me fell in love with sushi long time back. Wonder if the female manageress/boss is still there. I saw her through 4 pregnancies!

Cavalock said...

Well, there was an older lady serving us, I guess that could be her but she was definitely not pregnant. ;) My first sushi was at Liang Court way back when I was still working at SPH at River Valley.