Saturday, April 07, 2012

Cavalock and The Otah Excitation

Looks like I got more Kuala Lumpur pix than I thought, soooooo one last KL post before I head back to spotlighting what’s on our local supermarket shelves. Another hidden gem was my discovery of this café at Mid Valley mall. We were at the hotel/mall for the Magic Pro Tour and after a long search for a lunch joint, one of the guys spotted Little Penang Kafé on the ground floor.

The generous serving of nasi lemak that I had was alright. Now someone ordered the otah or fish paste and at first, I was afraid it would be too spicy but thankfully it wasn’t. It was excellent and too fishy. The texture was almost as smooth as ice-cream, not like the slightly thicker ones here.

Our final breakfast before heading to the airport was roti prata at a coffee shop across from our service apartment. Nice and thick pratas but the strange addition was a serving of hot sambal chili that you can see in the pix below, in the background. Curry was a nice lentil dhal, again something you don’t see here. Believe or not, none of us dared to touch the sambal!

Geekspeak now! During the KL Magic Pro Tour, I was pretty fortunate to meet artist Randy Gallegos. Got him to some of my cards with his amazing artwork on them.


red fir said...

I see 3 kinds of sambal chili on your plate of nasi lemak! Haha are you eating nasi lemak with sambal or sambal with nasi lemak? Chili looks killer good!

Cavalock said...

Hmmm....the one on top of the rice is actually a prawn and the one on the top right is a piece of fish. Well, I did scrape off the sambal during the meal. ;P