Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cavalock and The Cup Noodle Election

Well, really how could I NOT put 'election' in the title? It's time to vote for your favorite Nissin cup noodle! It's Nissin's Cup Noodle 40th Anniversary and if you check in their website, you'll see over 70 different flavors of cup noodles over the years. There are some really wacky flavors in there, like Cheese & Garlic, Bacon and Pizza & Margherita (I have no idea how that tastes like).

The only time that I remember wolfing down cups of noodles was when I was working on a ton of late nite projects at an agency in Suntec City. So dinner would be from Carrefour and that would consist of a cup of noodles and a can of sardines or mackerels.

Geez, we never get to see of the crazy flavors here. There's even a limited edition skeleton one. Nah, it's not all bones in the cup, it's just a see-through cup. This Japan Trends site has more details like how the top three cups would be brought to the shelves.


Anonymous said...

looks like tons of fun!! i havent seen most of the cups in election. gotta buy noodle today! yum.

Cavalock said...

We here have never seen lots of them too! hope u enjoyed yr noodles! <^;^>