Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cavalock and The iPhone & Ramen Expansion

Swear to gawd, at least a quarter of handphone users in this country are using iphones right now. And yah, I'm one of them too. Most folks here would have already seen or heard the stories bout the crazy long Qs last Wednesday nite. Well, I was told I had to stand in line for 5 hours when I showed up to collect my reserved phone. So I figured since the office is closed tomorrow Thursday, I'll just come real early the next morning to stand in front of the line.

I had no regrets turning up on Thursday morning at 9am as I was able to get some work done before the shop opened two hours later. Came up with some decent storylines and plot ideas while standing in line. Anyway, the shop opened at 11am and I was out with my phone in less than 10 minutes.

Finally I got a chance for some much-needed new dining experience. Saturday lunch was at the latest dining hot spot, Ippudo at Mandarin Gallery. Started off with a nice cool glass of Calpis.

Had the pork buns and gyoza for appetizers. Top marks were given to the pork buns and for only three bucks, a sweet and savory reward with every bite. Was told by the maitre d that it's a best-seller in their New York joint. The six very tiny gyoza pieces were great too, only a little too small for six bucks a plate.

Take a close look (sorry for the blurry shot) and yup, that's mayo in there.

I was told the spicy Karakamen ramen wasn't spicy at all, very nice springy ramen too. Although the tamago (egg) was most yummy, it wasn't that soft runny type that I kinda prefer with my ramen, it's more like the 'normal' hard boiled kind. But like I said, still tastes great.

This here is the Akamaru ramen that I had. Cleaned up the bowl in no time at all, thanks to the rich porky broth and excellent ramen.


red fir said...

The pork bun looks drooooolsss... like kong bak bao. I would definitely eat that when I go Ippudo. That is, when I finally go...

I belong to the other 3/4 of the population.

richard said...

I still can't imagine why I would need a cell. Mind you, if the rates were cheaper ... much cheaper ... I might consider it for mobile browsing, but otherwise I can always pick up a landline.

Mind you, in Spain they expect everyone to have a cell and look at me funny when I say I don't have one.

Cavalock said...

ice: can't wait to read yr review of the place when u get there.

richard: to be honest, i wouldn't mind giving up on my phone too, i'll just keep the portable 3G web browser part of the device. <^;^>

red fir said...

I went Ippudo today. I like the pork buns!

Cavalock said...

Cool! agree with yr review too.