Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cavalock and The Numbers Game

Been seeing lots of test numbers this week. The private health folks came by my soon-to-be ex office, took the free basic body fats, blood pressure, urine tests. Blood pressure a little bit high 132/80, normal is 120/80. But the test was conducted right after lunch, and walking back to the office in the afternoon could have played a role in the high readings.

BMI is normal at 20.34, a tiny little bit of extra body fat (0.8%) to get rid of. Anyway it’s something I already planned to do some time back during my break when I was thinking of quitting.

I also took an online IQ test. My first ever IQ test. BUT since it was done online, the results aren’t valid so like if you got an evil genius level, it doesn’t really mean anything. I got a(n unofficial) 134.

Snack taste time! Finally cracked open the Kit Kats I bought from Tokyo. First up was the Limited Edition Soy Sauce Kit Kat. I expected something really salty. But it was (as it should be) more sweet than salty. Like salted caramel. Reminded me of the McGrilles from McDonald’s morning menu.

Next up is the Yokohama Cheesecake Kit Kat. Like the soy sauce version, this is also your basic white chocolate. The cheesecake flavour wasn't that distinctive. I wouldn't be able to tell that it's anything more than just good white choc. Much prefer the soy sauce Kit Kat. <^;^>


red fir said...

Ouch. My heart aches for the kitkats.

dilutedmagnetics said...

Ok... we now know that Cavalock is a scrawny person. BMI of 20? You need to EAT MORE!

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of kit kats in Japan... do you have a favorite, if you could choose just one?

Cavalock said...

ice: am gonna OD from them soon.

lunch: noooooo, been 'thin' all my life but the doc says i got a little too much fats, so i'm gonna start working out again once i stop working. ;)

girl japan: thanks for dropping by! i'll take any white choc kit kat!