Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cavalock Enters the New Year

Hey there! Happy New Year everyone! <^;^>
Hmmm... to be honest, I tried to come up with something special to write bout on New Year's Day but I can't think of anything, anything special that is. And then I remembered why I blog in the first place, it's bout stuff that I like, things I do that make me happy, won't write bout the things that make me worry or unhappy. So with that in mind, look what I bought on the last day of 2008! One last indulgance...

Its been at least a year since I bought any mini food replicas, got this complete set of the official Pierre Hermes Collection by Bandai for S$45 at China Square Central during lunch. The guy was here last year for the World Gourment Summit and he conducted some lessons macaron-making classes too. Friend of mine went to one.

Anyway, it's a pretty big set and I have nowhere to display them so I'll keep them in the boxes for now. Here's a bigger and clearer pix of them. As you can see from my pix, there are little bags and cake boxes plus a portrait of the pastries too.

5 different themes:

1) New Year 2) Valentine's Day 3) Mother's Day 4) Birthday 5) Christmas

If I'm ever back in Tokyo, I am so going to get some of the real stuff! I know I'm kinda slow to really appreciate them after my last trip to Japan.

Now its been over a year since I came up with the idea of using the ‘Two And A Half Men” title style of writing my entry headlines. It’s like a line from the week’s episode is used as its title and usually it’s something that sounds really funny when taken outta context.

Now its time to change things again so I’m gonna use something from another one of my favourite TV shows, Monk. How Monk does it is that each episode title starts with “Mister Monk …something, something…”


Panther said...

Happy New Year dude!

ice said...

I kinda like your way of titling for now!

I love PH's desserts, especially the macarons! Miniatures can't do lol. I think I had a fair share of his awesome desserts the last time he was here. Had ALL!

Lunch is Served! said...

You must unwrap the cakes and take macro shots of them :) I'm looking forward to seeing them...

Cavalock said...

panther: hey man, Happy New Year to you too!

ice: aww man, i'm sooo slow, wasn't really into macarons till now.

Lunch: heh, not just yet only when i find a place to diaplay them!