Monday, September 17, 2007

"Draw them back on their heads"

Something I noticed recently ... seems like more young women are shaving their eyebrows and redrawing them also known as tattooing eyebrows. Why in the world are they doing this?! Only little old ladies do that. Someone said cos it looks better, redrawing them to the style you want looks nicer. Are you kidding me? They look weird. By that same logic, guys should just shave all their hair and draw them back on their heads with a black marker pen!

So what have I been up to? Well, I been getting together all my stuff that I did for the last couple of years into a portfolio. Getting jpegs, files etc. and thinking of doing a PowerPoint/PDF file. I been going through some of my files and I found a couple of more shots from my Japan working trip that I haven't posted.

The one-and-only Mt. Fuji in all its glory. Was pretty lucky to get a shot since it can get super cloudy almost instantly.
More shots of the country side near Mt. Fuji.

And here's where we stopped for lunch. A little roadside soba place. They were very generous with their portions. A full bowl of brown rice and a full serving of soba! Usually in Singapore, it's just one or the other, man, it was great, I was so stuffed.

Here's a shot of the place and a farm (I think) that's just round the corner, I thought it looked kinda cool, in a misty spooky kinda way. Heh.


Anonymous said...

woow super shots!!
i dont shave my eyebrow.
some women have no eyebrow and they look like ghost without makeup. haha~

Aly said...

hey, u have a really nice blog here ^^ and u have 'super shots' as well, like what Niki said :)

AVIANA said...

hey there,

nice pics!

yeah i don't like the whole idea of tatooing makeup, eyebrows and's one thing you don't have any hair for eyebrows but just to do it to do it is something else....but to each his own

B said...

Interesting observations about the eyebrows. I know that women used to do that. In fact, I think my mother did something almost that drastic and then used an eyebrow pencil to draw them in. I am not a fan. I like eyebrows, although I am all for a nice but modest eyebrow wax every few weeks!

I hope that the porfolio is going well.


Richard said...

I find the shaved eyebrow thing weird too. Mind you, I find makeup pretty weird (to me, women with makeup, if they are lucky, look like corpses and, if they are unlucky, they look like clowns - and I don't like clowns). I don't think women realize how beautiful they really are.

Cavalock said...

niki: i just can't understand why any woman esp. young women wold want to do that. Can their eyebrows be that ugly that they wanna get rid of them? hah

baby angel: thanks for dropping by!

aviana: guess what, we just had another tremor this afternoon, 20 Sep!

b: well, am still getting my stuff together.

richard: know what u mean. ;)

Anonymous said...

its not ugly but simply looking scary lol
juz like gangsters who want to look scary shave their eyebraw, dont they?