Monday, July 31, 2017

Cavalock and The Kyi-Karuizawa Crossing

Karuizawa? Never heard of the place until the baker-at-home told me we were heading there this Japan trip. Hah! Well, it's only an hour Shikansen or bullet train ride away from Tokyo and it's an upmarket mountain resort in the Nagano Prefecture. This being summer, there aren't any snow but you can expect more than a few shops offering treats like ice desserts and their local speciality jam. It's really a quaint little country town with numerous speciality shops. We also noticed some butcheries selling cold cuts and inviting cafes.

Quite a warm 30-minute summer stroll hike from the train station to Kyi-Karuizawa but definitely worth every step, just to breathe in a little country air, take in the sights and maybe later do a bit of shopping at the huge factory outlet that's right in front of the train station, oh did I mention that it was the baker-at-home who planned this trip? ;)


We dropped by popular Japanese dessert store Foundry at their Karuizawa Nagano location. Famous for their seasonal desserts, there's just so much goodness in every corner of the two-storey shop. Once more, our hands were already full and that was before us hitting the big bad factory outlet. Yah, we bought a few boxes of apple and peach confectionaries. Kept them in our hotel fridge that night when we got back and finally managed to cross the Pacific Ocean home with them.

"Our thanks and respect to nature's blessings as only the farmer knows. Lovingly-crafted confectionary prepared with only the truest of seasonal fruits and carefully selected ingredients."

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