Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cavalock and The 24-Hour Beef Run

This here is our little memorable 24-hour Tokyo all-beef run where we had beef, glorious beefy beef for dinner, breakfast and lunch, in that order. We started off with some grilled beef or yaki niku. Just a ten-minute walk from our hotel is Futago Yakiniku Yoyogi, a rather popular yakiniku chain that we heard was usually packed so we made reservations for Sunday night dinner. It's not a very big place and we got ourselves a nice corner table. Absolutely enjoyed everything from grilled beef tongue to wagyu whazzits to my favourite vinegar high ball drink. Plus we got a pair of complimentary after dinner cultured drinks.

Yes Imp, unlike the dessert post, the Baker-At-Home and I did hit all these joints in a day or at least 24 hours! ;)

After dinner, the next morning we braved the notorious rush hour train ride to head out to Tsukiji Market for a familiar breakfast rendezvous of beef don. Just like two years ago, it was a hearty roadside breakfast for champions. Just as crowded as before and needless to say, we did a lot of walking after that.

Five hours later, Shake Shack right in the heart of Tokyo! We had planned to visit the Shake Shack at Ebisu later in the week but chanced upon this outlet that wet afternoon in Marunouchi, just in time for lunch. It's the Baker-At-Home's first outing at a Shake Shack unlike yours truly who was fortunate enough to drop by their JFK Airport outlet more than a couple of times already.

Above you got the familiar SmokeShake cheeseburger. While below you got the exclusive Yurakucho Edition Concrete and that's "chocolate custard, black sesame puree, peanut butter, Minimal Shake Shack dark chocolate blend and chocolate toffee". After that is the seasonal Black Sesame Shake. Now one thing I found out during my research of Tokyo Shake Shacks is that all three outlets serve different Concrete desserts!!! As if I need another reason to visit them again! Well, seems like every Shake Shacks has their own signature Concrete dessert! Bloody hell! Even Mother Russia has three Shake Shacks but not us! But then again, I got a feeling if they ever do open one here, it'll just lose that certain "exclusivity" tag that folks here associate the joint with, know what I mean? I remember buying t-shirts from GAP in New York and Uniqlo in Tokyo before they opened shop here but after they did, it was like "meh". Don't really need them no more. All right, maybe it'll be different with food. :)

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