Monday, April 03, 2017

Cavalock and The Fruit Flight Connection

Seeing how obscenely expensive Japanese fruits are in our local supermarkets, it's no wonder that we always hand carry at least a couple of crates of whatever's in season back with us. We had some amazing peaches last year and this year early March, it was strawberry season. We usually buy them from major departmental stores like either Isetan or Takashimaya the day before we leave Japan. Once the sales staff know we are tourists, they'll just pack the fruits in sturdy boxes, ready for the flight home.

There's just soooo much amazing booze to choose from and it's soooo cheap too compared to back home in Singapore. It's a no brainer that I end every dinner with either a glass of whiskey high ball or beer. I tried different flavoured beers and high balls, some better than others but always memorable.

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