Friday, January 31, 2014

Cavalock and The Street Food Seduction

Happy & Prosperous Year of The Horse to everyone!

Continuing from my last post, so five of us left Sunway Lagoon on a warm hazy Saturday afternoon and headed to Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur city first to set up our new base of operations. It was to be a glorious evening of early feasting as we waited for the three better (or luckier) players in our group to arrive later.

Supper eventually came as the whole gang finally gathered at the hotel lobby at around 10pm. We fast-walked straight to the popular Jalan Alor food street and into Wong Ah Wah restaurant who's famous for their roasted chicken wings. It looked like any other busy zi char joint back home except for the numerous wall photos of celebrities giving the universal thumbs up. Check out their Facebook here and it looks like Trip Advisor likes them too.

Absolutely delicious wings that are so juicy and tender you can easily tear the meat off with just your chopsticks and a Chinese soupspoon. We ordered a ton of other dishes too like the stingray and salted egg sotong, fried dumplings, salted egg pork ribs and familiar veggies. The food was so good that we went back on Sunday night!

Jalan Alor was still pretty much the same as how I remembered it two years ago. There's that unexpected element of lawlessness to the whole place that makes it all the more appealing. There's even a group of young strolling street musicians belting out the latest hits. Best (non-food related) part of the evening was the fireworks display that lighted up the night sky unexpectedly at a little past 11pm and the spectacle lasted for over five minutes. I don't believe I have even had supper with fireworks going off just above my head before. It's quite an exhilarating experience eyeing that firework trail descending right towards you as you tuck into your late night supper. A few came really close!

Here are more glorious Jalan Alor food pix as we pounded the street both day and night. These are just some of them and from clockwise we got a very fruity rojak, tissue-thin oyster omelette, a cauldron of frog legs and lottsa clams. They may sound familiar but believe me when I say they are different from our versions. There was a guy selling freshly squeezed pure pomegranate juice, wanted to get it but was too full by then.

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