Saturday, January 09, 2010

Cavalock and The Breakfast Corollary

Been pretty busy with work this week but there's always time to discover new stuff at your local supermarket. Spotted these jams from Japan a few days ago during lunch at Liang Court. First time seeing them, are they new?

Well, got those four bottles, almost S$20 for them. The two bigger bottles are pure, creamy honey with black sesame and cinnamon. The honey spread is really, really thick. Spreading them on a bread - not a good idea. Way too sweet. Will be trying them on crackers next I think. Heard that the chocolate and peanut one tastes like Nutella. I like the apple jam cos there's like crunchy bits of apple in it.

Apple jam and Rosemary Ham sandwich! Yap, tastes as good as it looks. <^;^>

Now breakfast wouldn't be complete without some good coffee. These babies came in the mail, the latest limited edition Nespresso Variations capsules. A gift from a London friend. And no, the pix ain't shakey cos I drank one too many cups of espresso. :)

You got Chestnut Cream, Gingerbread and Apricot. Had the Chestnut Cream this morning, very nice.


red fir said...

They're not new lah, saw them at Meidi-ya some time ago.

On an unrelated note, I saw your twitter that day about apple cider. Check this out:

There you go, but very expensive! $730 for 170g geez. I wonder if it's a typo hehe.

Cavalock said...

thanks for the tip! its a little ex but here's the recipe

kinda like the chicken last year just sub it for apple cider. saw it on TV, looks pretty easy