Monday, October 04, 2010

Cavalock and The Saturday Food Odyssey

Time sure flies, it's less than 100 shopping days to Christmas! Hey, I'm just saying.

Was out two Saturdays ago with the nice people who I went to the U.K. with. Now that was a pretty fun whole day eating affair. Started with late brunch at Wild Honey, my third visit to the joint. As you can see, dim lighting + iPhone 3GS camera = crappy shot. :P

Had the Canadian pancakes this time, three nice and thick pieces. And it looks like there are couple more offering pancakes these days. Stargirl has the details here and here, so take it away! <^;^>

Anyway after brunch, we hung around Orchard before heading to this place at Jalan Batu for an early dinner since we skipped lunch. Great cheap food that's only accessible if you either live there or drive. Bet you can't guess how much for this dinner for four.

Under all that cereal ... chicken!

Cheese-flavored pork! You gotta try it to believe it.

That's duck in that foiled wrap. Ok, not one of my favorites but if you like duck, go for it.

Last dish was a very fresh, very tasty pomfret. Heh, way better than my version and bigger too. Yah, now that's how you do it. Lots of garnishes!

Total cost for the feast, only bout S$60. How's that for cheap and good food? Dessert was a ten minute drive to Joo Chiat and a 20-minute search for a parking space. Awfully Chocolate was the destination. Now I'm a pure white choc lover so it's only natural I tried their new (new to me at least) white choc cupcake. Was alright, a little too much cake and not enough white choc. I would stick to their white choc butterscotch block for my next visit.

A sidenote here. I'm actually watching the Food Network channel as I'm blogging this. Damn! I want a Philly cheese steak so bad!


Jer Lin said...

lol i'm reading blogs while taking a break from studying for my exams... btw you can find philly cheese steak sandwiches at oriole (:

red fir said...

Urgh haven't got down to trying AC's new desserts! I like my pancakes only with maple syrup! & lots of butter, maybe bacon is fine but no berries or what-not please.

Cavalock said...

stargirl: Good luck for your exams!

ice: er...where's AC? yah, i like maple syrup too. i had ask them for an extra serving of maple syrup. if i had my way, each pancake would have its own little piece of butter instead of all 3 sharing one.

red fir said...

AC = awfully chocolate. They have a new outlet at Ion basement food hall, if that's more convenient for you.

I will ask for more butter!

Cavalock said...

ice: Yup, passed by their Ion outlet a couple times. Have yet to buy anything there cos i guess there r so many other choices in orchard.

the arts and crafts experiment said...

i'm officially blogging again :)