Saturday, October 30, 2010

One Week in Sillypore 7

Oh wow, it's almost the end of the month (and closer to Christmas!) and here's another one week in Sillypore installment. First up, a little update on the last post bout chicken macaroni I had at Tanjong Pagar. Here's the 'dry' version of the last soup version I had.

Yah, I know. That sure don't look like 'dry' to me but that's what they are calling it. The 'gravy' had a very little slight spicy taste to it which I don't think really call for so I think I'll stick to the clear official soup version the next time.

So what else have I been mulching recently? Frog legs! A newfound love. Yes, I know I'm late again. Here we have the S$20 for 3 frogs (with porridge) at Lavender Food Court.

I heard the one at Geylang is pretty good. Anywhere else?

Saturday morning at Tekka Market. On the way there, it looks like Mustafa is opening another shopping wing or rather new shopping mall.

Lots and lots of fresh goodies at the market! Luv getting the seafood here.

You get to see some stuff that you wouldn't expect to see at a wet market. Like little sharkies, you can see greens like rocket leaves too.

More new pirate arsenal for me. Mac connector cables for me so I can watch the new on my TV too. Gawd, so far every week it's at least 12 different shows, the latest episodes and I'm not even counting the movies...

Finally say 'hello' to the newest addition to the household. <^;^> Don't forget to gimme a tick in one of the boxes below or comment!


stargirl said...

poor little sharkies...

ice said...

Haven't got down to trying that yet!

Cavalock said...

stargirl: poor YUMMY little sharkies

ice: well, u gotta go early cos i was late like 1.30pm twice and all the macaroni was gone.