Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cavalock and The Mussels Miniaturization

Well, it took me awhile but I finally made it to Brussels Sprouts at Mohammad Sultan. As expected, real busy on a Friday nite.

As for the food or the mussels to be exact, they were all good. Between the four of us, we had five 'starter' sized pots of mussels like the Tom Yam, a couple of beer-flavored ones and also the above Brussels Platter.

Like I said, the mussels tasted fresh and pretty good, not as good as the ones in London but hey, I wasn't exactly expecting it to be.

One major gripe, the mussels' meat or flesh (I believe the correct term is foot?) inside are really, really small. Tiny little morsels of meat. Now I wish I took pix of them but really just go to any supermarket like Cold Storage, look at the size of the mussels they sell there. Well, now imagine the ones I had to be waaaaay less than half that size. Does that mean they are local or something?

They got lots more on their menu that I'm more than anxious to try on another visit. I kinda prefer the ones in the creamy sauces. Would also have preferred a free flow of bread instead of fries.

And now for something cute and creepy at the same time. Was checking out the above gashapon machines earlier this week and I found this new one.

Oh yah, those are Minnie's panties or as the Japanese would call them 'pantsu'. Those are really plastic mini Disney undies as handphone straps. In Japan, there's a whole fetish industry on them (pantsu, not handphone straps although there is one on those straps but I digress) but this is the first time I ever expected to see Disney being part of it. So you can now own a whole little set of lady undies and perhaps strap them to your handphone so nothing says 'hello' like a mini lady undies hanging from your phone.

Something for the 'Interesting' or 'WTF' box below? If you click 'Yummy', I sure as hell hope you are clicking for the mussels and not the Disney pantsu. <^;^>

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