Friday, October 08, 2010

Cavalock and The Budget Izakaya Experience

Last month I promised I'll check more joints from Cuppage Plaza so here I am again, and again. Two visits to the very popular Izakaya Nijumaru Restaurant on the second floor, #02-10. It's tucked in a corner but it's real easy to spot cos it's the only crowded restaurant on that floor.

Anyway I dropped in for their S$10 set lunches (no GST, no nothing, just hand them a ten dollar bill) on two occasions. First day's set lunch was rice and eel. I originally planned to go a-la-carte but seeing that there was only one chef behind the counter frantically grilling rows of eels. If I ordered anything else, he's gonna either do my order only after grilling all them eels or do a sub-par, hurried version of whatever I ordered.

So like everyone else in there, eel it is then! Now I'm not crazy bout eels but this was pretty good or rather the sauce was what made it all just go 'wow' in your mouth. The eel was fresh and soft, and the entire meal was enough to make me wanna try out their other S$10 daily specials.

A week later and here's what I had. An Oden set lunch or as their sign on the door read "Japanese style yong taufu". Came with a seafood potato salad too that's filled with little chewy squid pieces. I like it.

And for my piece de resistance ... devil's tongue! Yup, you can call it Konjac, I call it devil's tongue. Big generous chuck of spotted paradise. :P

Bottom line is for S$10 only, it's a good enough deal for a fast and tasty Japanese meal. Can't wait to see if they'll have sashimi one day.

Hey, time for another supermarket check out! Look what I found at Cold Storage, white chocolate ice cream! It is just me or is this really new? I have blogged bout my love affair with white choc in the past so you can understand how cool it was when I found this. Bout S$10 plus a tub, no, I didn't buy one cos I wasn't heading home when I saw this.

I'll definitely get at least a tub one day so look out for a taste test soon! <^;^>


Jer Lin said...

haha i think i saw that white choc ice cream in cold storage a few months ago. can't wait to read your review on it!

red fir said...

Are you going for Debbie Gibson & Johnny Hates Jazz tomorrow? I want to!

Cavalock said...

stargirl: is it? opps, guess i should hang out at the ice cream aisle more often!

ice: yah, free ticket leh. that is, i hope its free....

coboypb said...

The oden looks yummy. If this is the same Izakaya restaurant I went for their $10 set lunch a few months ago, I have tried their tuna sashimi don set and mackerel set. Both were satisfying.

Cavalock said...

hi coboypb, thanks for dropping by. cool, will keep a lookout for their tuna sashimi set then!